Water Heater

Considering that every household uses a water heater on a daily basis, it is important to take a good care of this unit. To start with, you must hire a reputable company to install your water heater. In case incompetent technicians install the water heater, your house will run at serious risk. Potentially, you could cause an electrical chaos or flood!

Dave Heating & Cooling offers a beneficial water heater installation service for a good price, anywhere in Windsor. Our technicians are experienced at installing water heaters with tanks and without tanks. You can purchase a heater of your preference, considering all the aspects of your house and your needs and we will take care of the rest! With our advanced equipment and impeccable skills, we will install your water heater quickly and precisely!

Eventually, your water heater may need a repair service. The first signs of a faulty water heater are the lack of hot water, rumbling or popping noise, leakages, and cloudy water. In case you notice any of those signs, you must call Heating & Cooling Windsor immediately. If you delay our water heater repair service, you will only cause more problems to your unit. As a result, the damage will be more serious or maybe even unfixable. In that case, you will lose way more money on buying a new water heater than you would initially pay to get your heater fixed.

  • Tank Water Heater
  • Tankless Water Heater

Our water heater service is easily affordable and highly convenient for all customers. Apart from installing and repairing your water heater, we can also maintain your unit and ensure there are no new problems. With our water heater check-ups, you will always be sure that your appliance is working perfectly and your house is completely safe.

Call Heating & Cooling Windsor service center at Windsor and order the best water heater service right now! We will be more than happy to become your number one company for all installation and repair services.

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