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Living without an Air Conditioner has become impossible for every household. Since it is not a seasonal appliance, AC is in constant use all year round. For that reason, it is important to maintain your AC in a good condition. At Dave Heating & Cooling, we offer an affordable AC installation, repair and maintenance service for a good price anywhere in Windsor.

The installation of an AC determines the quality of appliance’s future performance. If you hire an amateur technician, you will most likely deal with leaks and breakdowns in the near future. In that case, you will damage the appliance at the very beginning. Instead of taking that risk, you should contact Heating & Cooling Windsor and we will send professional technicians to install your AC. Using quality equipment and extensive experience, our repairmen will install your AC rapidly. Following the installation, you will surely not have to look for repair services anytime soon.

In case your AC starts leaking or fails to perform properly, you should order our AC repair service in Windsor. You should not wait for the issue to go away alone because that will not happen. In fact, if you don’t order our repair services in Windsor on time, you may make the problem of your AC even worse. Heating & Cooling Windsor technicians will diagnose the issue of your AC during the first visit. We will find a convenient solution instantly and start fixing your AC. Our repairmen are experienced at fixing all types of AC. Therefore, you can order our AC repair service for appliances of all brands and all makes.

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Since AC is one of the most active household appliances, we recommend you to do regular check-ups. At Heating & Cooling Windsor, we offer beneficial AC maintenance service for a good price. In order to avoid serious problems as a cause of neglect, contact us! We will examine your AC and improve the quality of its performance every time you call us. As a result, your AC will not require frequent repair service and you will be able to use the same appliance for many years.

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