Rooftop AC Units

Although wall-mounted AC are most common worldwide, rooftop AC units gained enormous popularity across the entire Windsor in the recent years. Some of the reasons why people opt for rooftop AC are the cost efficiency and easy maintenance. Namely, rooftop AC is limited on the activities it can perform. For that reason, it requires less energy and, therefore, is more affordable.

Commercial properties started integrating rooftop AC a long time ago. However, these units were not so frequent in regular households. One of the reasons is that rooftop AC is not suitable for every house. Firstly, it is recommended to purchase rooftop AC units for larger, rather than smaller spaces. Following, you must consider the weight of rooftop AC units and confirm that your rooftop can support it.

At Dave Heating & Cooling, we can help you make your final decision easily. In case you decide to install a rooftop AC unit either on your commercial or residential property, our team of technicians will be more than happy to do all the work for you. We will bring our advanced equipment and start the installation of a rooftop AC as soon as you call us. Our technicians are highly experienced at installing rooftop AC. Therefore, we will apply the best methodologies for the installation of your AC unit. You can be completely sure that your rooftop AC will serve you well for a long time after our visit. In case some problem occurs, we will always stay available for you.

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Apart from installing rooftop AC in Windsor, Heating & Cooling Windsor also offers repair and maintenance services. Thus, we can take care of absolutely every aspect of your rooftop AC. If you notice any strange noise, leaks or poor performance, you should contact us immediately. Heating & Cooling Windsor team will head to your home address soon after your call and we will fix your rooftop AC for the best price in Windsor.

Hire the most competent team of technicians in Windsor for the installation, repair and maintenance of your rooftop AC units. We will demonstrate the quality of our work on-the-spot and you will surely become our lifetime partner!

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